Our concept

This is Poké House!

A Poké a day keeps the doctor away !

At Poké House, quality is the key! In order to offer you with the best poke bowl you can wish for, we select, cut and prepare all products personally in our central atelier. Best ingredients for the best customers!

Poké House opened its doors at the end of 2018, in the Ixelles cemetery. At the beginning, they were only 3 with one restaurant. Today, you can find 11 Poké House restaurants all over Belgium and it is just starting…

What is a poké bowl?

The poké is a Hawaiian specialty, very Japanese. They are salads of marinated raw fish, usually served over vinegar rice (sushi rice).

How does it work?

At Poké House, we've expanded the possibilities. You can order signature pokés (recipes we've already developed), or make up your own bowl as you like.

Our 7 signature poke bowls don’t convince you? Don’t worry, you can always create your own poke bowl! Nothing could be easier, YOU choose:

  1. The size of your bowl.
  2. Your base: Quinoa, white rice, brown rice, cabbage, zucchini pasta
  3. The vegetables/fruits to mix with your base.
  4. The vegetables/fruits on top without any restrictions
  5. The protein: raw fish, crispy chicken, crispy shrimps, tofu or beef tataki
  6. The sauce: peanut sauce, wasabi, soja, sriracha mayonnaise, etc.
  7. The "final touch": Peanuts, pomegranate, sesame, fried onions, etc.

Vegetarian, vegan, halal, etc. There is something for every taste!